Nine years ago I met an incredible lady who I was asked to train.  She was a Real Estate Agent that had been taken advantage of by a Life Insurance Agent. She learned some facts and wanted to educate herself and get licensed so that she could learn more and teach others. 


While working with her I couldn’t believe how many people she knew.  I had never met anyone that knew as many people as her. She had different data bases. One was for her 'Hot Market' & the other was for her 'Warm Market'. I was blown away.


She had met most of these people while networking. So she introduced me to different Networking Groups.  That is where you meet like minded people, share ideas, contacts and most importantly refer them to others while building great relationships.   What a brilliant idea!  I was hooked!


Thank-you to my dear friend, Joan Hing King.


So if you would like to meet some fabulous local business owners please join BizConX
(which is short for Business Connections)



“ This was my first time attending and I'm so glad I attended. The experience was awesome and the people I met even more so. And I won a door prize to boot! Thanks Joanna for a wonderful experience. I look forward to becoming a regular. ”

- Holly A.


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